Who we are

Here at Od Designs, we are professional engineers who have a keen interest in mountain biking and we get a great deal of pleasure from providing quality products for our customers, and being out on our bikes.


Our commitment

We understand the pride of ownership a bike gives you and that your bike becomes a very personal object, so you want the components and accessories you chose to reflect this. Which is why we want our products to be good quality, functional and practical.



We take pride in our Yorkshire heritage and to this end, all materials, processes and assembly will be sourced locally from here in Yorkshire. This gives us the ability to directly control the quality and supply, with the added benefit of minimising the amount of transportation required to make our products.


The future

As we've progressed throughout our first years of business, we've been welcomed into the cycling business with open arms. Our current success gives thanks to what the cycling community has challenged us to create for them. Their need for new concepts and ideas of existing products has given us the capability to expand our range of products and look to the future for further ideas.

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