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  • BikeRadar review of the TrackStand

    Posted on: 21st February 2016 3:43pm

    News of the TrackStand has now officially got to the other side of the World. BikeRadar author, Colin Levitch, who is based in Sydney, has reviewed the TrackStand as part of a feature on "What's hot and what's not" in bike related crowdfunding projects and he's done it on the Worlds biggest cycling blog. Big sigh of relief, we are in the "what's hot" section, so with two weeks still to run on Kickstarter, fingers crossed that we reach our goal.

    BikeRadar Review

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  • Our First Kickstarter Project

    Posted on: 30th January 2016 4:31pm

    The big day has arrived, the launch of our first project on Kickstarter. After nearly a year from inception, we have pushed the big red button and the project is now live. You can see it here The TrackStand and please share it with family, friends, riding buddies and colleagues. It's been a labour of love but it has been real hard work at times. So here's to the success of the TrackStand and we'll keep you all updated as we go along.


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  • FastRacks at the NEC

    Posted on: 5th October 2015 6:58pm

    The FastRacks we supplied to Upper Street Events looked and worked great at the NEC Cycle Show. They were used all over the place, for demo bikes from the worlds leading bike companies to visitor parking outside the hall. Here's what Stephen Morgan of Upper Street Events had to say about them;

    “Steve supplied the show with his design of FastRacks, this was after recommendation from exhibitors who we work with and it was well placed. You know that feeling when something just works, well that is the feeling we had with these racks. They are light weight, compact, stupidly easy to assemble, look the part and do the job. We will be working with Steve to get more of the racks for the show and congratulate him on his products!”

    I know I'm biased but they did look good in two tone blue, it would have been great to see all thirty of them together.


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  • New Names

    Posted on: 14th July 2015 9:56pm

    We've taken the decision to rename the OdRack Clubman to the PackRack and the OdRack Pro to the FastRack. We feel these new names are more descriptive of the way that the racks function and the purpose they serve. We're delighted with the new graphics too and  the way we've been able to incorporate a stylised version of the racks into them, it seems to give them more impact.

    We hope you like them too.

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  • Od Pod Conversion

    Posted on: 9th May 2014 12:06pm

    Behold our fairly new modification for the OdPods, it is a neat little mount that we have recently used as a display stand the OdBox at events and as a little support stand when we've needed one. The mount has threaded holes that when aligned with the coresponding holes on an OdPod, can be bolted in place. The modification bares no restriction on the folding leg and the bolts can be partically unscrewed so the mount can fold away too.


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