The perfect solution for cycling event parking

Does your event look like this?

When it could look like this!

Then this looks like you need our FastRacks. FastRacks are an easily transported and assembled, self contained bicycle racking system. The unique design allows for greater flexibility than conventional bike racking and adaptability to any constraints dictated by the venue. So should it be found that during the course of an event, the racking would be better positioned differently, it can be moved quickly with the minimum amount of effort by one person.


Our FastRacks have been used, with great success, for visitor parking for the NEC Bike Show and Spin London and for the start area for Ride the Night charity event.

Delivery and collection (including set up and dismantling), also product or service branding is available as an optional extra, please contact us with your requirements for a quote.

Here's how it works



As an extra

We also offer a "Valet Parking" service, for events that would like to offer visitors arriving by bicycle, a safe and secure storage area. Bikes are checked in and out, complete with a tag system, and stored by our authorised staff, so that users can enjoy the event, confident in the knowledge that their bikes are safe.

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