The TrackStand

 The new lightweight folding bike stand from Od Designs.

We are relaunching the TrackStand on Kickstarter to bring this new folding bike stand into full production.

How the TrackStand came about.

Three years ago, we were asked by Sandy Gilchrist, the Specialized Team mechanic and Ireland Track Team coach and mechanic, if we could develop a bike stand that was more user friendly than what was already commercially available for use at track events.

After discussing his requirements, we set too and within an hour or so, had the basis of what we have named the TrackStand. Sandy loved the first prototype I showed him and asked if we could produce ten for the World Track Championships at the Paris Velodrome.

They worked great and since then, we have refined the basic design of the TrackStand, to make manufacturing simpler and to make nesting large amounts of TrackStands easier, essential for teams where space in transport vehicles is at a premium.

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For a preview of the Kickstarter project please find the link below.

The TrackStand from Od Designs

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